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WE DESIGN your site and post it on a live server, before you spend ANY money or purchase your Domain name, & Hosting package. You can navigate through your live sample website to see how it will work WITHOUT spending a dime. If you are not satisfied with the initial design, you can either work with us for the look that you desire, or move on to another Web Designer without losing any money. If you decide to use our services, the only fee that our clients pay is $167.64/year hosting fee for your Earthlink hosting package.

Once you decide to work with us, for your website design, you have full access to the Earthlink Secure Server, If this server hosts your website & you will receive the password & username for your admin control panel. We also have the username & password, in order to make future updates to your website. YOUR WEBSITE is YOUR property and belongs to you. If you decide in the future that you want to take control of your website, you can notify us, at that point you can change your username & password & we will no longer have access to YOUR website.

You also have full access & control to the Network Solutions Server. This is where your Domain Name is purchased. Your Domain is also YOUR property & belongs to you, if you decide to leave our Website Service you have full control of your Domain name by changing the username & password on the Network Solutions Server. You also have an admin page in their server and you can point the DNS server to any host of your choice, should you decide to leave Earthlink.

We have been a Value Added Reseller (VAR) for Earthlink, since 2001, we pass our special VAR rates on to our customers. Our cost is $13.97/month, $167.64/year. (it has been this price, since 2001). If you buy direct, the cost is $9.95 for 1st 3 months. $19.95/month, thereafter, which would cost $239.40/year.

We have been a Gold VIP reseller for Network Solutions, since 2001, we pass our special Gold VIP rates on to our customers. Our cost for a 1-year domain is $2.95. If you buy direct, the cost for a 1 year domain is $39.95.

We have just recently , as of April 2016, started building responsive websites. We have added this service because of the new browser rules set by the Google Mobile friendly optimization. Google, as of April 15, 2016 stated that any site that is NOT mobile friendly could lose page ranking on their browser. Responsive website design will conform to any size web browser, tablet or cell phone. The cost for the new responsive design is a one-time fee of $200.00.

If you have already purchased a domain name and have a host server, we can still help you build a new website or redesign your current website. We can redesign your site to make it responsive (mobile friendly). We still add SEO with the rebuild at no extra charge.

Deb Phillips Web Design
Pricing Structure


Pricing for 1-year Domain name

$12.99 for 1-Year - with GoDaddy VIP account.

We have changed where we purchase our domain names, because Network Solutions/, has changed their Gold VIP policy, since 2017. We also transfer your Domain name to your hosting company's servers at no extra. WE HAVE NO CLAUSE - Our client's can leave our service at anytime, if they decide to. I give my client's their username & password needed to take control of their website, at any time.


$700.00 - 5 Page Website

This includes a contact form, that will send a thank you page to the sender & an email to you. The email contains all of the information entered on the contact form, from the sender.

My client's usually appear on the 1st or 2nd page of Google,within 3 days & Yahoo, within a week.

The cost of $700.00 includes all 5 pages with a contact form. We do not charge per word if you go over 200 words, we do not make it another page & charge an additional $50.00.

My client's pages are unlimited content, within reason, which means a client cannot put 3 pages of different content on one long page & say that they want a one page website.


$200.00 - 1-Time Fee

This charge is to insure that you website will respond to any size device, which includes: any size computer or tablet monitor or any cell phone.


$167.64 for 1 Year

Hosting Fee is $13.97/month

Secure Linex Servers. If you do not have a hosting company, we are VIP resellers for GoDaddy. We get a reseller rate & pass the savings along to our clients. Approx. $70.00/year Savings.

'OUR' Final Cost for a 3-Page Website:

(WITH Search Engine Optimization & Responsive Design)

$700.00 5-Page Website + $200.00 Responsive Design + $167.64 Hosting +$13.17 - 1-Year Domain name.

My Total Cost;


A Competitor's
Pricing Structure


Pricing for 5 year Domain name

($50.00 for a two year registration). If you already have a domain registered, we'll transfer it to our server for you free of charge. THEIR CLAUSE - Due to the low pricing we've set on our design work, the above prices are for design when hosting with us only. (They lock you in to their server. If you decide to leave their service, a lot of times you must pay extra charges to take your website & your domain name. Sometimes you may lose the website & have to start over with a new website).


$1200.00 - 5 Page Website.

$400.00 - to create the look, feel and functionality of your new Internet Home. It will include backgrounds, buttons, navigation bars, etc.

$450.00 - to turn your approved design into a functioning website. This price includes your Home Page (Cost for only 1 page).

$200.00 - to build 4 additional pages For a 5-PAGE WEBSITE. $50.00 for each additional page. A page would consist of approximately 200 words in the main text portion. Additional text would be considered another page.

$100.00 - to build a contact form, which will send a generated thank you page and an email that sends all of the information entered into the form to you.

( Their Cost breaks down the 5 page website cost into 4 different charges. They add a $100 for creating a Contact Form, which we have always included in the website build, at no extra charge. They have no hidden costs, they just charge separate for everything, which adds up ! )


$150.00 for 1 Year

Cost for a small to medium size commercial site.

'THEIR' Final Cost for a 5 Page Website:

(NO Search Engine Optimization or Responsive Design)

$1200.00 Website + $150.00 Hosting + $150.00 - 5 Yr. Domain Name

Their Total Cost;


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A "Large Presence on the World-Wide Web" for any Business who needs a website & marketing tools needed to succeed.


Since 2001, we have been creating & developing websites, logos, brochures, business cards, etc for many clients. On our pricing page we explain that our clients have total control over both their website & their domain name.


If a client decides to leave our services for any reason, we are helpful & have even assisted them in moving their website to another service provider.


We have always maintained a positive & helpful relationship with all of our customers.


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