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I hired my business associate in 2015. Please click here to see her linked in Profile. She has been a valuable addition to my business. She has extensive training and experience in backend database, PHP programming and many more skills in areas of programming. I have been in business, since 2001. I hope to retire in the next 5 to 10 years, having her available to assist my clients has been a comfort to both me and my client's. She has added a new dimension to my company, which enables me to offer much more in the way of additional services, as the web design and development industry continues to grow and expand into new technology.

PLEASE NOTE: If you should contact her directly, please inform her that you found out about her through this link on my website. All clients referred to Becky, through me or my website, result in commissions to my company. You can also contact me directly and meet with both of us. This is the way that we have handled all new clients, since 2015. We both have our own set of programming and design skills that are our specialty. I hired her to add more extensive back-end database programming skills. We both have our strong points, in our design and development backgrounds. Together we compliment the other and offer a wider skill set to our clients.

When we build our clients sites, the original build SEO is included for free. As a website design company we are shocked to hear that some companies charge, as much as $200.00 - $400.00/month for SEO, this is outragious. Our Meta Tags are customized for each page in the website & included with the intital cost. If our clients choose monthly maintenance, our monthly SEO maintenance runs between $50.00 to $300.00/month, depending on the size & type of website. If a client opts out of monthly maintenance, the ONLY fee is a yearly fee of $167.64, which is paid to the web hosting company. That is the only charge, unless a client needs updates or wants to add additional web pages, after the initial website build.

We believe in providing affordable web design, top ranking on GOOGLE, Yahoo & other search engines, & educating our clients to help them avoid the pitfalls of outrageous web design pricing & false advertising.

2018 - Outstanding Local Business Award

Many web designers take advantage of people who do not have the knowledge of designing a website. Be very careful that you are not being overcharged for services that take little or no time to provide. We frown on the companies who take advantage of people who really do not understand web design development & pricing for services. We hope that we can help your company avoid the pitfalls of unscrupulous companies who overcharge & false advertise. These companies prey on people who do not know how to protect themselves because of the lack of knowledge about website design & Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

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My Auto Shops
Lehigh Valley, PA

Client's Website
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Published - 11/30/2015
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Green Pond Nursery
Serving Lehigh Valley PA

Client's Website
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Link to Client's website - Jan's Just for Kids homemade child's clothing

Jan's - Just For Kids
Lehigh Valley, PA

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Published - 10/01/2015
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East Coast Sunrooms
New Jersey, New York & PA


Client's Website
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Link to Client's website - Ages & Stages Day Care


Ages & Stages Early Learning Center
Lehigh Valley, PA

Client's Website

Published - 08/29/2014

Ferrizzi Contractors
Lehigh Valley, PA

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Dr Augello Chiropractic
Lehigh Valley, PA

Client's Sample Website
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Bethlehem Nutrition & Wellness Center
Lehigh Valley, PA

Client's Website
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Kalinkos Law Offices
Servicing PA, NJ & Quakertown, PA

Client's Website
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K & D Son Heating & Cooling, LLC
Lehigh Valley, PA

Client's Website
Site Revised - 05/15/2015
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Ellen S. Kingsley, Esq. - Family Law
Easton & Lehigh Valley, PA

Client's Website
Updated 05/11/2015
Site Published 10/10/2012

Link to Client's website - Devine Intervention Detective Services


Devine Intervention Detective Services
Lehigh Valley, PA

Client's Website
Published 05/30/14

Link to Client's website - Used Sunroofs & Replacement Parts

Used Sunroofs & Replacement Parts
Lehigh Valley, PA


A "Large Presence on the World-Wide Web" for any Business who needs a website & marketing tools needed to succeed.


Since 2001, we have been creating & developing websites, logos, brochures, business cards, etc for many clients. On our pricing page we explain that our clients have total control over both their website & their domain name.


If a client decides to leave our services for any reason, we are helpful & have even assisted them in moving their website to another service provider.


We have always maintained a positive & helpful relationship with all of our customers.





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