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We design & develop affordable websites using REAL programming code. We are located in Lehigh Valley, PA. with over 40-years of programming experience & 30-years of experience with graphic design.Products Collage We work with print factories supplying the hi-res images needed to produce high quality print products. Before web design, print marketed. This is an invaluable knowledge for companies who are still working in the print field. Companies still needing print projects like; brochures, rack cards, outdoor signage & even backlit signs, you can call Deb, 484-221-0150.

Web development & programming, backend database programming. Claiming all listings of your website that are added to the browsers by online companies. Claiming these listings & making sure that all content is the same on each of these listings is crucial for top browser ranking.

Call us today - 484-221-0150 - to get started with your online presence. We look forward to helping you.

We also build the Meta Tags for All SEO for top Google, Yahoo, & Bing browser ranking. Mobile friendly responsive design Bootstrap Responsive programming code is used for responsive websites that automatically resize for any size monitor, laptop, tablet or cell phone.

We design custom Social Media Icons that link to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Graphic design items; logos, business cards, brochures, programs, back lit building signs & outdoor building signs with Hi-Res factory ready Artwork.

CLICK HERE to read Deb's Resume - Updated June 15, 2021.

We also build custom websites, web applications, & content management systems using client-side script (JavaScript, jQuery, jQuery UI, AJAX, JSON) and server-side code (ColdFusion, Railo, PHP, Classic ASP, ASP.NET, C#.NET).

PHP-Dynamic Web Content

Creating & modifying SQL queries, views, stored procedures, & functions for database-driven websites using SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, & Access. We can Integrate websites with payment processing (, PayPal, First Data), email marketing (Constant Contact), shipping (UPS, FedEx), accounting (QuickBooks), map (Google), social media (Facebook, Twitter), CDN (Cloudflare), and custom APIs.


I cannot believe the number of clients who have come to me in the last seven years with websites that they've paid high prices for that DO NOT WORK! Most of these websites have been designed with WordPress & WIX online template building tools that do not cost these new designers any money to use. The sites look VERY impressive, with all of the bells & whistles, plugins that have been programmed by the 100s of people all over the world, who create these plugins, which can be used at no cost to the designers using WordPress & WIX templates. These plugins are sometimes the reason why the websites are hacked. If one of these programmers decides to program a back door into the code & the plugin is used, the site can be hacked. You can ask any hosting company who understands programming, they will tell you that the plugins are what sometimes causes the security issues with WordPress, WIX & other online template website building tools, especially if the people building the websites do not perform the security updates needed to keep your website secure.


Design & Brand

We believe in providing affordable web design, top ranking on GOOGLE, Yahoo, Bing & other browsers. We educate our clients to help them avoid the pitfalls of outrageous web design pricing & false advertising.

Many web designers take advantage of people who do not have the knowledge of designing a website. Be very careful that you are not being overcharged for services that take little or no time to provide.

We frown on the companies who take advantage of people who really do not understand web design development & pricing for services.

What we offer our clients

We have extensive training & experience in backend database, PHP programming & many more skills in areas of programming. I have been in business, since 2001. We expand our knowledge base as the web design & development industry continues to grow & expand into new technology.

We hope that we can help your company avoid the pitfalls of unscrupulous companies who overcharge & false advertise. These companies prey on people who do not know how to protect themselves, because of the lack of knowledge about website design, development & SEO.

Seo Services

When we build our clients sites, the original build SEO is included for free. As a website design company we are shocked to hear that some companies charge, as much as $2000.00 - $4000.00/month for SEO, this is outragious. Our Meta Tags are customzed for each page in the website & are included at NO additional cost.

If a client opts out of monthly SEO, the ONLY fee is a yearly fee of $163.87, which is paid to the web hosting company for 1-year of hosting & 1-year SSL certificate. That is the only charge, unless a client needs updates or wants to add additional web pages, after the initial website build.


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