"One Stop Shop" for ALL of your business needs, mobile friendly web design complete with search engine optimization (SEO). Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificates for 256 bit encryption to protect your site again malware, tracking cookies & other security issues. Graphic design skills, which include; logo design, brochure & flyer design, business cards, rack cards, photo editing, old photo restoration.

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"Mobile Friendly - Responsive Web Design." This is required by GOOGLE for higher browser ranking. This type of design does not even need to be optimized for the mobile phones. Bootstrap programming code automatically sizes the website to fit any size cell phone, tablet, OR computer's monitor size. Most of the sites on this page are designed with the Bootstrap responsive design code. Google also requires ALL websites have a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate to maintain higher browser ranking. The SSL certificate makes your site 256 bit encrypted, which prevents malware, tracking cookies and other security issues and protects your site and your viewers.

I AM CURRENTLY working on my own site's responsive design, which is better than mobile friendly because it resizes the website for any size computer monitor, tablet or cell phone. At this time I have my homepage, about us & pricing page in responsive. I have been working on my responsive design between working on my client's responsive designs & my new client's websites. I put the client's first before my own website updates. My site was mobilized with an outsourced company that did not work out because of the many server errors that were displaying on my mobilized versions, which were, duplicate images & content and some of my information & links not displaying properly.

I cannot believe the number of clients who have come to me in the last 6 years with websites, that they have paid high prices for, that DO NOT WORK ! Most of these websites have been designed with WORDPRESS & WIX online template building tools that do not cost these new designers any money to use. The sites look VERY impressive, with all of the plugins that have been programmed by the100s of people all over the world who create the plugins, which can be used at no cost to the designers using WORDPRESS, these plugins are sometimes why the sites are hacked. If one of these programmers decides to program a back door into the code & the plugin is used, the site can be hacked. You can ask any hosting company who understands programming, they will tell you that the plugins are what sometimes causes the security issues with Wordpress & other online template website building tools, especially if the people do not do the security updates to keep the sites secure.

The old school designer's could actually build a site using straight HTML programming code. My clients say that the new hi-tech designs do not impress them. They want working websites, easy to navigate, with search engine optimization (SEO) that will place their site high in the search engines & a site that can be fixed by the web designer who know how to use programming code, if something goes wrong. THAT is what I offer to my clients.

These fancy new websites that look so AESTHETICALLY correct are not the way that my clients choose to go. They want a web designer who knows how to build a website from scratch using a LICENSED software tool like ADOBE Dreamweaver. These sites that are built in this software and FTP loaded to my hosting company are totally secure. I have never had a website OR any of my client's emails hacked in the 20 years that I have been building websites. I was on the phone with one of the Go Daddy techs. I was surprised to hear him make the following comment, his exact quote was " How do you like these so-called professional web designer's using WORDPRESS & other online template builders & calling themself professionals" I was very surprised at his comment but I totally agree. I'd rather NOT have all the fancy bells and whistles, if I was not the person who programmed the code to make them work, especially if I could not fix the sites, if a problem occurs.

Some of the new designers using the online templates do not have to know how to write HTML or Javascript. These online tools do it for them. BUT ... look out if something goes wrong .... they cannot fix it because they are limited with the restrictions of these template websites. Most of the clients who have come to me tell me that these "Designers" do not get back to them, after repeated calls & emails to the web designer who built their original website. They come to me because they never hear back from their original designer's who apparently cannot fix what has gone wrong.

I have also found that many clients are paying companies for services that they do not even use. I find out who they are paying for their services. There is a lot of information below & in the blue border to the left that will help educate you in making an informed decision on the person OR company that will build your website. If you click onto my Reviews & Links page & scroll down to a review written on Dec. 3, 2013, I have a very detailed example of my one client, Leon, who lost $3000 & went through 3 web designers. He still did not have a working website, when he finally came to me. Please click onto that page to read his review & his personal account of what happened to him.

Below are just a few of the problems that some of my clients have experienced:

  • Their websites are not working properly & their web designer cannot fix the site.
  • They cannot find their website by typing in search words that should bring their website up. This can be fixed with proper SEO.
  • Their website's have been blacklisted in GOOGLE because their Web Designer used WordPress templates to build their websites & did not know how to put the proper security in place to prevent the website from being hacked. This happens because WordPress is targeted by the hackers, since it is an online tool where your website can be built for no charge, using templates & Plug-Ins that are written by anyone who can write code. There are people around the world who offer their plug-ins for use by the people who design websites with WordPress.
  • Some of the people building websites with WordPress & WIX templates do not even know how to read or fix programming code, therefore when a problem arises, they do not know how to fix the problem.
  • The Plug-ins used in the WordPress website are written by people all over the world, maybe that is why the WordPress websites are hacked so easily.
  • WordPress states the following right on their website, be sure to read the underlined text in their quote. They also state that you can use it for free without paying a license fee. But we know the old saying "You get what you pay for" this is SO true.

    Below is a direct quote from the WordPress website:

    " WordPress is an Open Source project, which means there are hundreds of people all over the world working on it. (More than most commercial platforms.) It also means you are free to use it for anything from your cat's home page to a Fortune 500 web site without paying anyone a license fee and a number of other important freedoms."

Please be sure to do searches to seek out reviews for ANY company that you are looking for, to build your website. I am very happy for the reviews that some of my clients have taken the time to write. ALL 5-star, REAL reviews with the names & phone numbers of the clients who wrote them. These are real people who can be called to verify that these are real clients who are very happy with my services.



Client's Website
Site Revised 01/29/2018
Published - 08/26/2014
Updated to Responsive Web Design

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Cornerstone Living - Senior Care Home
New Tripoli, PA - Lehigh Valley, PA

Client's Website
Site Revised - 03/01/2017
Published - 02/26/2015
Site is now Responsive Web Design
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Dr Augello Health & Body Makeover
Lehigh Valley, PA

Client's Website
Responsive Design - Updated 03/01/2016
Originally Published - 11/23/2010

 Link to Clients Website
Miller Supply ACE Hardware
Northampton - Lehigh Valley, PA

Client's Website
Updated 02/14/2017 - Updated Used Equipment page
Published - 08/29/2016
New Responsive Web Design
Client's Website
Buy-Rite Equipment Co., LLC
Whitehall, PA

Client's Website
Published - 10/19/2016
New Responsive Web Design
Clients thumbnail & link to sample website
Keystone Properties
Kutztown, PA

Client's Website
Site Revised - 05/19/2016
Published - 05/23/2014
Site is now Responsive Web Design
 Link to Clients Website
Oooooh La Lashes!
Hellertown - Lehigh Valley, PA

Client's Website
Site Revised - 03/11/2016
Published - 12/23/2014
Site is now Responsive Web Design
Link to Client's Website

Sigmon & Sigmon P.C.
Lehigh Valley, PA

Search Engine Optimization included
Logo & Link to Deb Phillips Profile

Client's Website

1st Revision Started - 09/16/19
Site Published - 10/09/19

Trucking Positions Available

Magnolia Logistics
Breinigsville, PA 18031



Client's Website
Site Published - 05/10/19
Yon-Dell AKC Shetland Sheepdogs

Yon-Dell AKC Shetland Sheepdogs
Coopersburg, PA


Client's Website
Site Published - 04/17/19

A Personal Touch Pool Service - Montgomery County, PA


A Personal Touch Pool Service
Montgomery County, PA


Client's Website
Site Published - 10/30/18

Michael Richline General Contractor Website

Michael Richline General Contractor
Lehigh Valley, PA


Client's Website
Published - 02/09/2018
Re-Design for Responsive Web Design

Link to Website
Environmental Products
Minneapolis, MN
Original Site published 2014


Client's Website
Site Revised - 01/19/2018
Site Published - 02/16/2016
Responsive Web Design

Thumbmail of Client's Sample Site
South Mountain Dog Training, LLC

Lehigh Valley, PA


Client's Website
Site Revised - 01/18/2018
Published - 07/25/2014
Updated Class Schedule & Gallery
Responsive Web Design

Thumbnail & Link to Clients Website
Expressive Movements Dance Studio

Lehigh Valley, PA

Client's Website
Published - 10/01/2017
Responsive Web Design

Lehigh Valley Visiting Nurses - Maximum Care Group - Link to website
Lehigh Valley Visiting Nurses
Maximum Care Group, LLC

Lehigh Valley, PA

Client's Website
Site Published - 08/16/2017
New Responsive Design

Link to Client's Website
Dr Darren Aboyoun - Clinical Psychologist
Lehigh Valley, PA

Client's Website
Published - 07/26/2017
Revised 08/25/2017
Responsive Web Design

Blue Paw Fine Art Website

Blue Paw Fine Art
Culpeper, VA

We are a small business established in 2001. We build websites that work properly using HTML & Javascript programming code. Our websites are complete with SEO for high ranking, at NO extra charge.

We use a licensed software called Dreamwaver to design & develop our websites. We can write & understand programming code & fix problems with the code, should any arise.

We do not believe in using free online templates that can cause more problems than they are worth. The end result can be a website that can be hacked, & blacklisted. I have also had clients who have had their emails hacked with these types of websites.

I sit down with my clients & explain the entire Website Design Process, including SEO, at no extra charge. I build a Sample Site & post it on my server so that my clients can see their website before they pay me anything.

Do an online search for reviews of anyone you are considering to use to design your website. Many times you may find reviews that will show you what type of service you will receive. Many clients who have had bad experiences with companies post reviews. You will save yourself money, time, & aggravation of working with companies that are NOT very service oriented. Some are only interested in taking your money.

We understand & work with other Small Business Owners, to design a "Large Presence on the World-Wide Web"

This site is designed to provide the most information for anyone who is looking for a GOOD Website Designer.



As of July 2013, we can offer the following website functionality at reasonable rates:

  • Event Posts
  • News Posts
  • Obituary Posts
  • Simple Blogs
  • Classified Ad Forms


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Our affiliation with ANS Business Forms & Systems allows my clients to take advantage of ordering their business cards, brochures & any & all advertising items that they may need for marketing purposes, to get their business started or to boost their current customer base.





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